Helping Maine's troubled youth find their way.

A promise someone cares


The Friends of Long Creek Youth Development Center supports programs directed toward returning youth in the Maine criminal justice system to their communities as productive citizens.


Nationally, 90% of youth involved in the criminal justice system report exposure to traumatic events. They are significantly more likely to be homeless; have or be expecting children; and be diagnosed with a learning disability than other teens.


Yet, like all youth, they aspire to more. Two thirds want to pursue higher education. They want to be better parents. They want to live productive lives. Knowing someone cares and having access to education, vocational training, and positive social supports makes a proven difference.


That is why we work collaboratively with the state department of corrections, other non-profit agencies, and volunteers to ensure that some of Maine’s most vulnerable youth have the education, resources, and support they need to successfully transition into adult life.