March 6, 2015


A promise of a better today and a better tomorrow.

The Friends of Long Creek Youth Development Center provides the programs below, along with limited support to other non-profit organizations with projects and programming that meet our mission.

Read more about one of the programs in the Creek to College newsletter.

Creek to College  
Creek to College provides Long Creek residents with an opportunity for higher education by paying for college prep classes and regular college classes at the freshman level including English, mathematics, psychology and more. This program is a collaboration with Southern Maine Community College.
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Vocational Training
Employment opportunities that pay a living wage are a key part of successful transition back to the community. The Friends of Long Creek Youth Development Center provided funds to help Long Creek Youth Development Center start up its new Culinary Arts Program and supports other vocational training at the facility as well as technical school training for residents on aftercare status. The Friends work collaboratively with Long Creek’s new Career and College Center to advance this goal.
Sports and Extracurricular Activities
Sports and extracurricular activities are an important aspect of the high school experience and provide an opportunity for personal growth and productive leisure time. We help provide uniforms and equipment that are not funded by state monies. We also provide support to other recreational programs such as summer athletics, photography, art, and music within the facility. These activities emphasize sportsmanship, teambuilding, and stress reduction.
Emmy’s Closet
Emmy’s closet is stocked with donated clothing, personal care products, and other items that youth do not receive through the facility. Long Creek residents often need personal items like these when they are released or if they have to leave the facility to attend a funeral or job interview. In addition, items in Emmy’s closet like books and art supplies are often used by staff to reward youth for good behavior or achieving goals.

 “The culinary program is an outstanding success so far. Almost 25% of our residents are enrolled. The certificate they will earn can lead to exciting employment opportunities.”

A former superintendent of the Long Creek Youth Development Center 

“Having a positive outlet like sports and weightlifting while I was in Long Creek was really good for my mind and body.”

former Long Creek Youth Development Center resident

Cultural Activities
The Friends support efforts to bring into Long Creek Youth Development Center various speakers, musical and theatrical performers, especially those who will spend time working with residents to include them in the presentations. 
Successful Transitions
Many residents leave Long Creek with no resources to start their new lives. As needed, the Friends help with first month’s rent and security deposits, basic clothing and household items — all of which can cost many hundreds of dollars and putting them out of reach of youth with little or no family to help them begin a life beyond Long Creek. 
Juvenile Community Corrections Officer Support
The Friends provides restaurant gift certificates, movie tickets, etc. to Juvenile Community Corrections Officers (JCCOs). The JCCOs use these gifts as rewards for good behavior in the community and for youth who are achieving their goals while under JCCO supervision in the community.
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“Thanks to [FOLC] support, youth have practiced public speaking, gained confidence in interacting with the public, and have had the opportunity to reflect thoughtfully on their personal goals and challenges in the weeks before leaving Long Creek. As a result, they’re feeling more prepared to pursue their goals when they walk out those doors.”

– Tessy Seward, Co-Director, Maine Inside Out 

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“To say the least I am so happy I’ve learned to play an instrument through the music program. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Who would have guessed I would learn in Long Creek. I guess this place helped me find my passion. The program has helped me and a lot of other troubled teens here through the power of music. You’re doing an amazing thing.” 

– LCYDC resident