Impact of Fishing Trips

A recent update from a Long Creek Juvenile Community Corrections Officer (caseworker):
I wanted to pass along what happened on the fishing trip on Monday as I think it’s important to let the powers that be know the profound effect that this is having on youth.
I have a youth in transition on my caseloads whose family is in turmoil right now and they have quite a bit going on in their world. I offered the young man to attend the fishing trip with a family member so that they could have some reprieve from the chaos that they are currently dealing with. He could not find a family member that could take him for a number of different reasons and was pretty disappointed about not being able to go, we were however (a big shout out to my supervisor) able to take him during a weekday. I was able to clear my schedule and bring this young man on a fishing trip, it was about an hour ride to the boat launch and we really got in depth about how much of a burden this young man carries because of the stuff going on with his family.  One thing that I expressed to him over and over on the ride was that this was going to be a day where he could just let it all go and all he had to focus on was fishing and for 8 hours he could be a 15 year old!! We had a great day fishing and caught probably 60+ fish total for the day and he was able to experience some things that he had never done before.. At one point I was talking to him and he turned to me and said “All I am focusing on is fishing!!” with a huge smile on his face. For what it’s worth this young man was able to let all the day to day stuff go and just focus on catching fish!!! This truly has been an eye opening experience and one that I will push to continue for the youth that we work with in the community!!